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Lilford Wigsthorpe Thorpe Achurch Parish Council

AGAR Archive


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Accounting Statements.pdf15 May 20201.21MB
Annual Governance Statement.pdf15 May 20201.08MB
Assets Register.pdf15 May 2020188kB
Bank Reconciliation.pdf15 May 2020489kB
Certificate of Exemption.pdf15 May 20201.27MB
Explanation of Variances.pdf15 May 2020212kB
Income and Expenditure.pdf15 May 2020451kB
Internal Audit Report.pdf15 May 20201.54MB
Items of Expenditure Over 100 Pounds.pdf20 May 2020423kB
Lilford cum Wigsthorpe and Thorpe Achurch Internal Audit Rep.pdf09 April 2021185kB
Local Authority Accounts.pdf15 May 2020223kB
Notice of Public Rights.pdf10 June 2020213kB
Reserves March 2020.pdf24 March 2021205kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
asset register.pdf20 May 2019238kB
bank rec 18 19.pdf20 May 2019412kB
explanation of variances 2018 19.pdf20 May 2019211kB
ins and outs 2018 2019.pdf20 May 2019438kB
lwta ags section 1 18 19.pdf20 May 20191.07MB
lwta aia report 18 19.pdf20 May 20191.29MB
lwta as section 2 18 19.pdf20 May 20191.17MB
lwta exempt cert 18 19.pdf20 May 20191.17MB
public rights 18 19 audit.pdf20 May 2019221kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
asset register.pdf09 May 2018237kB
explanation_of_variances_2017 18.pdf09 May 2018112kB
laa a summary of your rights.pdf09 May 20182.09MB
lilford cum wigsthorpe and thorpe achurch internal audit report_31mar18.pdf09 May 2018166kB
notice of public rights.pdf09 May 2018799kB
page 3 agar part 2.pdf09 May 20181.07MB
receipts and payments 2017 2018.pdf09 May 2018416kB
section 1 agar part 2.pdf09 May 2018982kB
section 2 agar part 2.pdf09 May 20181.08MB
year end march 2018.pdf09 May 2018348kB