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Lilford Wigsthorpe Thorpe Achurch Parish Council

Minutes - please visit our archive page for minutes prior to 2019


Minutes 2022-2023

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
APM Minutes 10th May 2022.pdf11 May 2022366kB
Chairs report 2022_05_10.pdf11 May 20221.21MB
Minutes_PCM_April_12_22.pdf11 May 2022282kB
Minutes_PCM_May22.pdf11 May 2022651kB

Minutes 2021 - 2022

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
APM Minutes_21_05_11.pdf24 May 2021361kB
Chairs report May 2021.pdf24 May 2021433kB
Minutes_21_05_11.pdf24 May 2021647kB
Minutes_21_07_13.pdf14 July 2021621kB
Minutes_21_09_14.pdf20 September 2021625kB
Minutes_21_11_09.pdf21 January 2022620kB
Minutes_21_11_30_extra.pdf21 January 2022281kB
Minutes_22_01_11.pdf21 January 2022633kB
Minutes_PCM_march22.pdf12 March 2022651kB

Minutes 2020 - 2021

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
APM Minutes 12th May 2020.pdf27 October 2020372kB
Minutes 20.04.21.pdf19 February 2021282kB
Minutes 20.05.12.pdf19 February 2021646kB
Minutes 20.06.16.pdf19 February 2021414kB
Minutes 20.07.14.pdf19 February 2021618kB
Minutes 20.09.08.pdf19 February 2021634kB
Minutes 20.10.13.pdf19 February 2021401kB
Minutes 20.11.10.pdf19 February 2021628kB
Minutes 21.01.12.pdf19 February 2021638kB
Minutes 21.02.10.pdf19 February 2021394kB
Minutes 21.03.09.pdf22 March 2021647kB
Minutes 2019 - 2020
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
apm chairs report 2019.pdf16 May 2019332kB
apm minutes 14th may 2019.pdf16 May 2019369kB
minutes 20.04.21.pdf22 April 2020283kB
minutes_pcm_jan20.pdf11 March 2020628kB
minutes_pcm_july19.pdf11 September 2019630kB
minutes_pcm_mar20.pdf11 March 2020638kB
minutes_pcm_may19.pdf16 May 2019629kB
minutes_pcm_nov19.pdf29 November 2019637kB
minutes_pcm_sept19.pdf11 September 2019618kB