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Lilford Wigsthorpe Thorpe Achurch Parish Council

Governance & Accountability

Annual Governance & Accountabiity

Please find here copies of the Annual Governance & Accountability paperwork for the year 2021/2022. 

The statement of accounts will not be audited on account of LWTA PC's self-certified status as exempt, unless either a request for an opportunity to question the auditor about LWTA PC's accounting records under section 26(2) or an objection under section 27(1) of the Act, results in the involvement of the local auditor.

Previous years' documents can be found in the Governance & Accountability archive.

2021 - 2022

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Annual Governance Statement Section 1.pdf11 May 20221.08MB
Annual Governance Statement Section 2.pdf11 May 20221.08MB
Annual Internal Audit report part 2.pdf11 May 20221.31MB
Annual Internal Audit report.pdf16 May 20221.39MB
Asset Register complete.pdf11 May 2022384kB
bank reconciliation.pdf11 May 2022398kB
Exemption certificate lwtapc.pdf11 May 20221.12MB
Explanation of varients.pdf11 May 2022490kB
Payments in excess of One Hundred Pounds.pdf11 May 2022229kB
Reserves.pdf20 May 2022379kB