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Lilford Wigsthorpe Thorpe Achurch Parish Council



2021 - 2022

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Agenda 21.05.11.pdf01 June 2021461kB
Agenda 21.07.13.pdf05 July 2021445kB
Agenda 21.09.14.pdf08 September 2021446kB
Agenda 21.11.09.pdf08 November 2021447kB
Agenda 22.01.11.pdf05 January 2022448kB
Agenda June extra.pdf01 June 2021430kB
Documents circulated to Councillors prior to Sept 14th meeti.pdf08 September 2021180kB
Parish Meeting Notice 2021.pdf01 June 2021290kB
Agendas 2020 - 2021
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
agenda 20.05.12.pdf08 May 2020461kB
Agenda 20.06.16.pdf19 February 2021437kB
Agenda 20.07.14.pdf06 July 2020453kB
Agenda 20.09.08.pdf07 September 2020466kB
Agenda 20.10.13.pdf19 February 2021455kB
Agenda 20.11.10.pdf01 March 2021471kB
Agenda 21.01.12.pdf19 February 2021569kB
Agenda 21.02.10.pdf01 March 2021459kB
Agenda 21.03.09.pdf01 March 2021473kB
parish meeting notice 2020.pdf08 May 2020309kB
Agenda 2019 - 2020
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
agenda 19.05.14.pdf14 May 2019441kB
agenda 19.07.09.pdf06 November 2019443kB
agenda 19.09.10.pdf06 November 2019442kB
agenda 19.11.12.pdf06 November 2019472kB
agenda 20.01.14.pdf13 January 2020443kB
agenda 20.03.10.pdf04 March 2020443kB
parish meeting notice 2019.pdf14 May 2019103kB

Agenda 2018-2019

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
agenda 18.05.08.pdf09 May 2018362kB
agenda 18.07.10.pdf02 July 2018434kB
agenda 18.09.11.pdf07 September 2018434kB
agenda 18.11.13.pdf05 November 2018436kB
agenda 19.01.08.pdf31 December 2018142kB
agenda 19.03.12.pdf06 March 2019434kB
agenda 20.04.21.pdf17 April 2020429kB
agenda may 23rd 2018 extraordinary.pdf16 May 2018298kB
parish meeting notice 2018.pdf09 May 2018101kB
Agendas 2017 - 2018
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
agenda 17.01.10.pdf16 January 2017411kB
agenda 17.03.14.pdf06 March 2017260kB
agenda 17.05.09.pdf13491.05.09.pdf29 April 2017363kB
agenda 17.07.11.pdf03 July 2017364kB
agenda 17.09.12.pdf06 September 2017360kB
agenda 18.01.09.pdf02 January 2018361kB
agenda 18.03.13.pdf05 March 2018362kB
agenda july 05th 2017 extraordinary.pdf28 June 2017297kB
parish meeting notice 2017.pdf29 April 2017103kB